Thursday, August 25, 2016


I think of it as Wal-Mart English -- the over-popular use of the word "so" when anyone these days responds to a question.

Crotch itch?
So, it started about a week ago....

Do you believe in God?
So, I think....

Donald Trump for president?
So, he's crazy and all, but....

Will the Fed raise interest rates?
So, Janet Yellen has played both sides of the fence in the past....

Did you get falling-down drunk last night?
So, you know, my car wouldn't start and....

It reminds me of the proper teachers who once counseled up-and-coming garbage-mouthes like me that "swearing is an indication of someone who lacks a command of the language."

But this is not just some lower-class foible. Walk around a university campus or a convention of policy wonks. "So" is good for all occasions ... sort of like "uhhhh."

Weak. Unimaginative. Flavorless.

Did I mention I dislike it? But if it weren't "so," it would be something else no doubt.


  1. I cringe as i read articles from the press that demonstrate a failed english grade.

  2. You will probably have more luck finding loads of articles from social media that demonstrate a failed English grade in South East Asia ;) I can hardly remember why the Japanese utter 'so des ne' or 'so des ka'.