Thursday, August 4, 2016

ruffling marital feathers

He's one of Nigeria's most influential and well-respected pastors in a country that is fervently religious, so when Pastor Enoch Adeboye speaks, people listen. Although sometimes a little later than intended.
In the past few days a YouTube video (which was posted over a year ago) has set digital tongues wagging. It began as a simple sermon from the pastor advising young people on marriage. But one line sparked a social media fire.
"Don't marry a woman who can't cook," Pastor Adeboye said to rapturous applause. "A girl who cannot cook will not be a good wife."
He went on to issue his decrees for those on the hunt for a husband too.
"Don't marry a man who has no job…A man is to provide for the house, not the other way around."
Simplistic, sexist, or spot-on, there is always something consoling about old saws that still have sharp teeth. This one reminded me of the old American saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Setting aside the rapturous outrage ... well, how about it? I know I would love not to cook.


  1. We make beds and lie in them. All relationships don't fit the same mold.

  2. At my prime minister's facebook page yesterday, there was another Nigerian, presumably Muslim and apparently Black, who took offence with Michelle Obama's attire in welcoming Singapore leaders. He felt possibly that as blacks, Michelle revealing her shoulders - there was no visible cleavage, just her shoulders were visible - were in my Buddhist jargon, unwholesome.

    So he went on and on posting about how as a Nigerian he was a fan of Lee Kuan Yew and his successor Lee Hsien Loong. He loves everything about Singapore, but he cannot accept a Black woman donning a night gown revealing her shoulders.

    Part of the reason why I had to read this blog again in my own comfort zone, is because I also couldn't understand the cacophony of anti-muslim insults hurled at that nigerian from my fellow Singaporean Facebook users.