Saturday, August 27, 2016

charter schools courtesy of John Oliver

Yes, it's biased as hell ... and from where I sit, that is precisely what the facts warrant. Public funds are used to prop up private enterprise on the basis that the quality of public education -- so often mired in sluggishness and parental unwillingness/inability -- will improve.

Yes, it's got facets. Yes, it's intricate. And yes public schools certainly could use some innovation and uplift. But because Charter Schools trim already-stretched public resources based on promises that seem to have little foundation in overarching proof, it really is time to suggest that the emperor's new clothes, where they exist at all, are tattered at best.

It's hard not to say, "C'mon, guys: If you want an easy pay day, plug into the Pentagon budget and stop giving our kids an equal ignorance-ation." Not least among the galling aspects of it all is the touchy-feely, yuppy-drippy, caramel lingo of the guys and gals in nice clothes who give TED talks and fuck others without a backward glance.

As I say, it's not an easy listen, but it is worth listening to.

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  1. The clever and strong ripping off the weak and dumb. But never mind, crack a beer, the game's about the start.