Thursday, August 11, 2016

the Scots and their scrotum

Perhaps it was #HurricaneBawbag that clinched it, or perhaps it was the welcome given to Donald Trump when he visited Scotland in June, but the Scottish word “bawbag” has finally been given the recognition it deserves after being added to Macmillan’s Open Dictionary.
Macmillan made the announcement on Wednesday, describing the slang word as “very informal”. Its dictionary definition is “a Scots word meaning scrotum, in Scots vernacular a term of endearment but in English could be taken as an insult”.

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  1. From

    The Free University of Berlin names low-pressure systems affecting Europe and gave the name Friedhelm to this storm.[1] In Scotland, the storm was dubbed Hurricane Bawbag, the term bawbag being a Scots word for “scrotum”, which is also slang for an annoying or irritating person.[4][5][6]

    The name sparked a trending topic on Twitter, which became one of the top trending hashtags worldwide.[7][8] Stirling Council also used the Twitter tag.[9] Rob Gibson, the Convener of the Scottish Parliamentary Environment Committee, was the first politician to use the term on national television.[citation needed]