Wednesday, January 31, 2018

24-hour internet Trump ban sought

OK, it may be foolish, it may be illegal and it may be undemocratic, but I have posted a petition that invites hackers worldwide to band together and bar Donald J. Trump from the internet for 24 hours on some specific (Aug. 16, say) day in the future.

Be the first in your neighborhood to sign on and sigh. :)


  1. I doubt trump would abide by such a thing. But perhaps we could convince the media to stop reporting on his tweets.

  2. Knock. Knock.

    Secret Service.

    “Sir, it is our job to tell you we have evidence that you are advocating an illegal act impacting on the President of the United States of America.”

    “Shut it down or face prosecution.”

    “Have a Great Day, Sir.”

    One of the agents says “ Don’t Rush” in Soto Voce as he turns his back, leaving. The other says “Please don’t.”