Friday, January 26, 2018

French go nuts for Nutella

France has seen nothing like it: supermarket aisles of brawling customers throwing punches, pulling hair and shoving the elderly out of the way.
A decision by the Intermarch√© store chain to offer a hefty discount on jars of Nutella – France’s favourite chocolate spread – caused near riots in shops around the country.


  1. I've never tried the stuff, but humanity seems able to go totally insane over the smallest of things.

  2. Here in the NYC metro area Nutella is being marketed as a hazel nut spread with “just a ‘touch’” of cocoa. I suppose it’s meant to imply it’s healthy; but they can’t say so because it’s not. See the label:

    Here’re some fun facts about Europe’s favorite nut spread:

    BTW - we also seem to have a jar around here. It moves constantly albeit slowly.