Wednesday, January 17, 2018

calling all hackers!

Hacking into and disrupting various internet data bases may give hackers a wonderful buzz, but it makes the rest of us nervous. It's a "privacy" issue, we whine as we proceed to reveal even more about ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

But here is a modest proposal to those fleet-fingered hackers:

Pick a day in the future -- sometime in the summer, perhaps -- hack into Twitter and Facebook et al. and shut down every or any reference to U.S. President Donald Trump. For just ONE DAY, block all transmissions as one might block transmissions from Islamic State or other so-called terrorist organizations.

All praise, all criticism, all parsing, all offense and defense, all news and fake news, all senders and receivers, assertions and counter-assertions ... anything that references Trump ... just...



Patriotism is not just for the patriotic.

Yes, I can hear the First-Amendment yowls, but that doesn't mean I can't dream.


  1. I'm hearing a mcdonalds jingle, "you deserve a break today".

  2. Who knows there may be a network of demented (Russian?) computer geniuses out there protecting the Mad President’s ability to destroy himself and America’s Diplomatic credibility.

  3. FYI

    Please know that Bahtiyar Duysak, a former Twitter contractor shut Trump’s account down on his last day of working for Twitter.

    I am glad to know Mr. Duysak has safely located to Germany.

    I am a bit upset to read that if any other Twitter member tweeted was Trump has been tweeting that member’s account would be shut down. I guess politics shows us the flaws of our principles and helps us see our hypocrisies.

    I’ve include a link to an Interesting article about the “accidental” (???) shutdown:

  4. Thanks Andy ... appreciated the link.

    1. CNN’s video on Mr. Duysak