Sunday, January 21, 2018

sex and the married chef

With politicians and other celebrity power players falling left and right in the United States in the wake of alleged abusive sexual behavior in the past, it is interesting to see how the Associated Press greeted the demise of Paul Bocuse, 91, "the pope of French cuisine."

American media's sexual feeding frenzy is, of late, palpable in its outrage and anguish. Hell, even the pope is in hot water. Evidence is credible, no matter how old. These are guys who deserve to have their feet held to the fire, although why Washington and Hollywood and sports venues and cathedrals cannot simply open a couple of upscale brothels (for men and women?) beats the socks off me: Monogamy has some good points, but failure to reconsider it is a bridge too far.

Anyway, here is the AP in its obituarial tiptoe through the tulips:
While Bocuse’s kitchens were meticulously in order, his personal life was on the unorthodox side. He acknowledged in a 2005 biography that he had been quietly sharing his life with three women — simultaneously — each with a pivotal role in his life.
“I think cuisine and sex have lots of common points,” Bocuse said before publication of “Paul Bocuse: The Sacred Fire.” “Even if it seems a bit macho, I love women.”
Was he lying or simply excusing his faults? Did he love women or simply love himself? Were his faults out of line with life? Was he mean and manipulative with his conquests? I don't know, but I do know that I think AP skirted an issue about which it might have been in full cry on this side of the pond.

I have to admit that I like this guy because his favorite ingredient -- contrary to my sincere and well-meaning doctors -- was said to be butter. When he was alive, my father once told me that his idea of a gastronomical treat was eating a stick of butter. Is there anything more inviting than something with the potential to kill you?

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  1. I'll take butter over margarine, but in moderation. I imagine his adoration of butter might have led to his triple bypass surgery. But then genetics can't be discounted either. Nor can one completely reject clinging to one's secret pleasure. From the movie Michael: And you just gotta remember, Sparky - no matter what they tell you - you can *never* have too much sugar.