Saturday, January 6, 2018

the unassailable Ingmar Bergman

Liv Ullmann and and Ingmar Bergman during a break in filming on Hour of the Wolf in 1968. Photograph: Bettmann Archive
In an era when politicians and glitterati are dropping like flies in the face of sexual-predator accusations that are often 20 or more years old, an upcoming movie takes a look at Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. "Today the Swedish director would be called a predator, but he also created great roles in which women excelled."
A new Swedish documentary commissioned for this year’s centenary of the birth of Ingmar Bergman is to examine the sexual relationships in which the Swedish film director engaged with almost all of his actresses, and detail his shortcomings as a husband and father....
The two-hour documentary is in post-production and, if accepted, will premiere in May at the Cannes film festival, before launching in cinemas in Sweden later in the summer.
[Jane] Magnusson said she hoped Bergman admirers would be more willing to acknowledge the great director’s flaws after last year’s revelations about the systematic sexual exploitation of actresses by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, which sparked the #MeToo social media campaign.


  1. I think we should all acknowledge and bemoan our feet of clay. Shunryu Suzuki said there were no enlightened people per se, only enlightened actions. Let's say the same for our chaste nobility, our chivalry and purity. We are samsara, expect less.

  2. I would add to that that anytime anyone takes a dump on your doorstep they should be made to clean it up. Repeat dumpers should be relegated to the outhouse.