Sunday, January 7, 2018

lofty stuff gets its chain yanked

Lord, I do love a little down-to-earthness, a little pointed humor, when it comes to the lofty realm of things.
...[A] case coming before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday explores whether some states are aggressively purging voter rolls in a way that disenfranchises thousands of voters....
One Ohio man, a Trumbull County truck driver and Army veteran, said in an affidavit supporting the plaintiffs in the lawsuit he was “completely blindsided” after learning he was no longer registered to vote for the 2016 election. The last time he voted, he said, was in 2008. He told a county election board official by email that he is a U.S. citizen born in Ohio and should be reinstated to the rolls.
If not, he suggested also purging his name as a taxpayer.
“We’ll call us square!” the man wrote.
Well, tickle me pink and sign me up!

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  1. The Republican Party has been pushing a presence in local elections for some time. That gives them control of the voter rolls, electoral college selection, and of course states rights issues to end cooperation with the feds. It's easy to forget that were it not for the feds, civil rights would never have happened. Nor would we have the social safety nets that are now in place, such as social security, aid for dependent children, programs that help hospitals cover the uninsured and indigent.