Friday, January 19, 2018

the slavery of freedom?

Of all the things to fear in this life, I sometimes wonder if freedom doesn't top the list. Here is a Guardian article (yes, it takes time to read) that tickles and teases around the notion of a world without jobs.

Even if the lefties say so, still, there is something redolent and accurate about imagining a world more infused with freedom to do what you want with your 'free' time.


  1. I always thought work was over rated, but whatever your circumstances, there's some hustle involved in getting fed.

  2. I like the article..

    It resonates with the notion that greed and heartlessness are virtually synonymous with capitalism, industrialization, and corporatarchy.

    Chaplin’s “Modern Times” is still relevant in 2018.

    Get to work!

    Since this is still a blog marginally connected to Zen Buddhism, let me ask this related question:

    Could Siddhartha Gautama become “The Buddha” without being from a royal (i.e. exceedingly wealthy) family which provided him with the education, training and exposure to literature, mathematics, history, science, philosophy, kingdom management, millitary arts, diplomacy etc.? Without that time AND wealth he probably just would been another grungy charismatic sadhu.

  3. Yes, Andy -- religion is a middle-class pastime... or perhaps better, receives ignition from the middle and upper classes.