Monday, January 15, 2018

newest Trump acquisition?

Am I wrong to imagine that the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai might provide Donald Trump with a perfect addition to his branded properties?
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The Ritz Carlton in Saudi Arabia’s capital may be reopening its doors in time for Valentine’s Day, after serving for several months as a prison for the country’s elite caught up in what the government has described as a crackdown on corruption.
The Ritz Carlton’s website on Monday showed bookings available beginning Feb. 14.
The motto "Lock 'em Up in Style" comes to mind. Or "Hooker International?" Or maybe there could be a naming contest.


  1. Hmmm... I wonder....

    In his hometown, New York City, many residents in buildings with his name have demanded that his name be taken down. It was funny to learn that in many cases the Trump company merely sold the use of the brand nothing more.

    Some properties have already removed the name and some are in litigation. It doesn't look good. He's not well liked in NYC, it's getting worse daily.

    While Trumpy and Saudi's leader may be having a love fest, I doubt that the Trump brand comes close to the Ritz Carlton for the brand conscious Arab elites.

    Throw in Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and I really doubt the Trump brand will sell well. Poor Ivanka. Her stuff is probably relegated to black market curiosities.

    Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to Trump's Fake News Awards.
    Will Kellyann, Hope and Sarah get locked up for Ethics violations?

  2. Andy -- A hotel for boobs, perhaps?

  3. Trump has always aimed at boors for sure.

    But, I'd be hard press to condemn all visitors and residents of the Dubai Carlton-Ritz to becoming a Trump Flagship occupants.