Monday, January 1, 2018

Facebook nitwittery ... again

Along, no doubt, with being crypto-racist (someone trying so hard that of course he cannot be accused of being a racist), I guess I have to admit I am also, increasingly, a not-so-crypto Facebook-ist ... someone who gags at the notion that the social media sold as bringing us all closer together is actually driving the great 'us' apart. Imagining that "friends" and "enemies" are confected on the internet is not only revolting, it's also wrong from where I sit.


And it is in that regard that I am linking to a Guardian column on the topic:
Former Google and Facebook executives are sounding the alarm about the pervasive power of tech. Will we listen?
Of course 'we' won't. Once you've been bitten by the asshole bug, it is harder to disengage than it is to kick opiods. But that doesn't mean, with the arrival of a new year, that it can't be noted: There was a time when there were actual friends, actual enemies and a lifestyle that relied less on cardboard cutouts... you know -- sorta like grown-ups.


  1. An awareness of the potential problems of over population has been around since The Population Bomb was published in 1968, but ignored. Warnings abound, but are ignored. Oh well.

  2. I have acquired a different take.

    First there are things that are repeated in casual conversation.
    “This is believed.”
    “That is ignored.”
    Totally useless except as ... venting.

    Next is the same done during editorial media shows,
    This is pandering and lethal. The original “Fake News.” The pulpit is elevated but the message is from the gutter.

    Then we have polls. Polls must be carefully considered. If well done, the information may be valid, even helpful.

    Then we go in the opposite direction: Personal Anecdotes. Problem with PA’s is that they reflect ones personal circle of existence.

    What I find interesting is that anecdotally in my world people understand the up and downsides of Technology as well as other matters like the need for population control, for environmental responsibility, peace, justice, fairness, etc.

    To me it’s only “others,” particularly those “in power” that do major wrongs, terrible damage. Others like most Republicans, Donald Trump, many corporations they do not give a hoot about anything except self aggrandizement of the usual kinds.

    Most regular people I come into contact with are aware and care.

    Quite amazing how we live in such different worlds!

    I do wonder if we agree on the need for personal empowerment of our fellow citizens.