Sunday, January 14, 2018


Where does the light go when it meets the shadow?
Where does the shadow go when it meets the light?
Gautama ('the Buddha') suggested that it is wiser to steer clear of "imponderables" (what happens after death, etc.) but he was in the teaching business, the business of pointing. Teachers nudge, students do the walking.
After a bit, the imponderables are what make the most sense.
Ponderables only produce answers -- the stuff that C+ students might attain in a world where no one gets an A.
So, yes, steer clear of imponderables, the only questions worth answering... the scrumptious stuff, juicy and mysterious as a kumquat.
OK, so you find the answer ... only to discover the question had fled ... sort of. How convincing is that?
Stick with the imponderables. They make better sense.


  1. Light and dark, questions and answers, they all come under duality I imagine, something the practice should help us shake off. We're just here. How ridiculous is that?

  2. Reminds me of the song, “The Impossible Dream.”

    Good song, bad associations. But, still, a good song.