Wednesday, January 10, 2018

starving from the inside out

I guess everyone starves from the inside out. That's just the nature of starvation from crackle-dried fields in Africa to the old age homes. What was gathered and utilized and brought to fruiting use is now nibbled-nibbled-nibbled. What was muscle is now mere sustenance ... rolling back, rolling back, rolling back. It is all beyond up-beat discussion. It is beyond loneliness. It is alone and it is sure.

The same gravity that compelled the rise and acquisition is thrown into reverse like some skillful skateboarder rolling up one side of his or her miraculous curve begs for a return and re-rise up the other side ... back and forth until gravity claims its due in the stillness of the middle, the bottom, the end.

I have eaten my fill. To eat more makes dwindling sense. I do sometimes wish things wouldn't dawdle so much. Obviously more gravity is required.


  1. Patience old son, inertia has to play out, then gravity will win.

  2. Onward and upward, Adam. A bas la gravite.

  3. Gravity is the same every where.

    1. Not true.

      Get thee to Wikipedia.

      Gravity varies somewhat in different locations on earth and greatly throughout the solar system and beyond. Just Physics 101.