Thursday, March 1, 2018

plastic-free grocery aisle

A supermarket in Amsterdam opened Wednesday with an aisle that has more than 700 grocery items — and no plastic.
The store, Ekoplaza, said it is the first of its kind to have an entire aisle without plastic packaging.  Instead, food is displayed in glass, metal and cardboard containers, as well as materials that can be composted....
“There is absolutely no logic in wrapping something as fleeting as food in something as indestructible as plastic,” said Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, in a statement. “Plastic food and drink packaging remains useful for a matter of days yet remains a destructive presence on the earth for centuries afterwards.”
Across the globe, people use more than a million plastic bottles each minute, mostly for drinking water, according to Ekoplaza’s website. Less than 9 percent of those bottles are recycled.
Where I live, people are patting themselves on the back with their drive to delete plastic shopping bags at the supermarket ... at the same time soft drinks and water come in nothing but plastic.


  1. American has gone mad for packaging. I suppose it's a marketing notion of virginal content. I imagine astonishing statistics are available on the size and content of American landfills.

  2. Junk journalism about plastic.
    Probably wouldn’t even get a C in a decent college.

    Got the C simply by mentioning two scientists with different views in passing. Just ignored the more practical one.

    I might be more sensitive given the already high costs of groceries. Precious wrapping will just make things go bad faster and more expensive.

    But, hey, the trust fund babies will feel better. That’s important.