Friday, March 23, 2018

rocks to fend off armed intruders

With a massive anti-gun march on Washington planned for tomorrow (3/24/18) as a result of the Feb. 14 attack on a Florida school that left 17 dead, one Pennsylvania school district has planted buckets of rocks in classrooms.
A rural school district in Pennsylvania is arming teachers and students with buckets of rocks as a last resort should an armed intruder burst in, the superintendent said Friday.
Every classroom in the district about 90 miles (145 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia has a 5-gallon bucket of river stones, said Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel.
The technique and perhaps desperation is tinged with the scents of the Palestinians when they take on Israelis with uniformly dubious results: Knife-wielding Palestinians are routinely shot dead in confrontations that are then announced in the media by righteous and indignant Israelis... as if Palestinians had never heard of more lethal weapons and Israeli security forces lacked training in safely disarming a knife-wielding foe.

Never bring a knife to a gunfight, right? Or a rock to yet another American school shooting???

Dumber than a box of rocks ... or perhaps I should say "bucket?"

The National Rifle Association can be proud of itself and what it contributes to te United States.

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  1. These idiots must think the Home Alone movies were a documentary series.

    Let’s take this “argumentum ad absurdum.”

    Bake sales to buy Kevlar Coveralls, Throwing Knives and Shuriken for the Third & Fourth Grade Ninjas.

    School Boards throughout the gun totin’ South and Midwest vote to add and fund bolas throwing, spear throwing, sling shooting and dart blowing to the Middle Scool Gym Curriculum.

    A new Federal Program like “Leave No Child Behind” and “Race To The Top.” This one is “Bring in JROTC.” Mandate that every school boards hosts well funded JROTC programs. Programs must be brought into each and every high school in the country. Further, each high school is required to develop Elite Squads. JROTC’s mission to build character, learn life skills, is extended to protect and defend the faculty and student body. The science and technical schools work CWDB: Cyber Watchdogs, Drones and ‘Bots. The Jock schools do Special Forces. Each JROTC program develops and adds a two year course on School Shooting Tactics with a mandated crawl space ambushes and counter strikes, and the training of a senior snipers cadre.