Tuesday, March 13, 2018

snow in New England ... wowsers!

Here, a dread nor'easter is tickling down mere bits of snow where the eastern part of Massachusetts is alleged to be suffering its third debilitating storm in the last couple of weeks. Schools are obediently closed, airlines have canceled flights and, for all I know, supermarket shelves are getting naked-er and naked-er.

It's New England, for crying out loud, but these days the blizzard of information available means that a snow storm is news because it is know-able by comparison to, say, a U.S. president who fired his secretary of state today.

Oh lawsy! lawsy! -- the sky is falling!!!!! If only the president could be less sloppy than the weather.


  1. When a snow storm hits, you can stay inside. When a twitter storm hits, you can turn off the news and read a book, or nap.

  2. Gotta get the bread and milk!


  3. The information is there. It takes some calm thinking and questioning to process it reasonably. Intelligence, knowledge, emotional stability, circumstance all come into play.